Egypt’s Lost Cities

Did you happen to watch Egypt’s Lost Cities on BBC1 last Monday night?  Infrared imaging via satellite was used to locate buried buildings/tombs in Egypt.  There was also a brief appearance by John Romer.  Spooky synchronicity at work here 🙂

Over 10 years ago I entered into correspondence with John Romer (sending letters to Tuscany in Italy) telling him about my idea of using infrared imaging via satellite to locate lost tombs in the Valley of the Kings.  Why didn’t I just get on and do it myself?  Because you need local  “on the ground” knowledge to weed out the imaging artifacts (errors) as was shown in the programme.

The programme also showed that my idea from way back then works (of course) and it works pretty well too.  I’m surprised they didn’t do a lot more analysis of the Valley of the Kings area though as there are known to be several unfound tombs in that region.


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