The stars like dust

This is the first mini-WASP image of 2012 ūüôā¬† If you want to know more about the revolutionary mini-WASP deep-sky imaging¬†array then please visit the New Forest Observatory web site.

The accompanying¬†image shows the famous Double Cluster (bottom left hand corner) in Perseus often referred to as “Diamonds on Black Velvet”.¬† Stock 2 is a very large open cluster towards the top of the image and it looks something like a “stick man” on his side.¬† I had visions of this image in my mind as I was putting the mini-WASP array together – it helped me get through the rather painful process of building and commissioning the system.¬† Fortunately the image turned out every bit as good as I had¬†imagined.¬† There are so many stars in the background to the Double Cluster because¬†the Milky Way passes through this region.

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