Image of the Month – July 2012

This image shows the Deneb region of Cygnus and the data that went into this was just 3 x half hour subs!  This was basically a test-shot to see if the polar alignment of the mini-WASP array was good enough to do half-hour sub-exposures.  As you can see, it was.  However, I don’t think it is up to handling one-hour sub-exposures, and as I want to do some one-hour subs, especially with the narrowband filters, I know I need to tweak the polar alignment a bit more.

Not expecting anything decent image-wise to come out of this data, I hadn’t counted on Noel Carboni pulling out all the stops on this one 🙂  Noel has managed to create a pretty credible image of the Deneb region of Cygnus using some pretty meagre data.  I really wish now that I’d taken 8 hours worth of data that night.

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