Taking things to the limit

Here is a 5 x 5 montage of 25 individual high-speed water drop collisions taken using 3 x Ultra flashgun units each working at 9-microseconds.  The combined light output energy of these units allows me to work with the Canon 5D MkII at the minimum f#32 and at ISO 100, an ideal combination for water drop work.  All these images were taken with the same timer settings on the Mumford Time Machine, so the difference in appearance between all the images is purely down to Chaos.  Interesting stuff!  The original TIFF datafile for this image is a massive 2.94Gigs (let’s just get this into perspective, this is tens of thousands of times bigger than the early hard drive capacities!!) and in terms of pixels it is 28,000 x 18,670 so it would give an 80 x 53 inch sized poster if printed out at 350 dots per inch.  This is not to say that it was an easy ride dealing with this huge image in Photoshop.  Yes Photoshop could handle the massive file – BUT – a simple edge crop took over 5-minutes to complete – so although the hardware and software could cope, my patience couldn’t, and this is getting towards the limits of what I can handle image-wise.


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