Finally got there in the end :) Water drop collision, in a glass, under a bubble.

After a few days of trying this and that I finally got the shot I’ve been after.  Here we have a water drop collision, in a glass of water, under a bubble.  Canon 5D MkII camera with Canon 100mm macro lens and 3 x “Ultra” flash units from highspeedflash dot com.  You might think this looks pretty good – BUT – it has nothing on the fluke image I caught and have now submitted to the Sony World Photographic Awards “Split Second” section.  I can’t give the game away at this stage, but if you recall the shot water filled balloon image that went viral, then there is a big similarity with the image I sent in to Sony.  I’ll take a few more water drop collisions and then move on to shooting (literally) stuff again 🙂

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