Image of the Month – September 2012

This Month’s “Image of the Month” shows what can be done without any specialised photography equipment.  This is a pinhole image of the Sun’s path across my southern horizon taken from the winter Solstice of 2011 until the summer Solstice of 2012.  I used an old tea caddy tin as the camera and Ilford photo paper was used to acquire the image.  I used a tea caddy tin for the pinhole camera so that I could use the photopaper sitting flat in the back of the camera rather than using the paper “curled up” as you need to do if you want to fit it in the obligatory beer can pinhole camera.  The “pinole” was a 0.5mm hole drilled through the centre point of the tea caddy front face using a printed circuit board drill.  After exposing the photo paper for 6-months I cover the pinhole with black tape and bring the pinhole camera indoors.  I quickly open the camera and place the photo paper into a scanner where I grab the image at the highest resolution the scanner can manage.  I then quickly put away the original photo paper image into a light proof container for possible future reference.  It’s then a matter of a little Photoshopping to bring out the image contrast and the “invert” the image to create the negative you see in this picture.  Very simple equipment can give a very effective result.

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