Magical Mobius Strips

I have been into Mobius (Strips) Loops since about 15. Not only is it single surface but it is also single edge. Now soap films have an amazing property. Dip a 3D structure (wire mesh type) into a soap bubble solution and the soap film covers the MINIMAL SURFACE AREA of the object!!! This is amazing. And it got a 15 year old to thinking – what happens if I dip a Mobius Loop into soap film?? As it only has one edge and one surface the soap film is going to run into trouble. Do I generate a time-warp? Do I break through into another dimension?? These were the thoughts going through a 15 year old’s mind. So I did the experiment. No time warps – but a result I really wasn’t expecting at all. And yes it does form a soap film over the Mobius Loop – but how is that possible with only a single edge? I won’t actually be giving away the answer. If you want to know the answer – do the experiment for yourself 

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