Sierpinski & Menger Sponges

The 3D printer has been working overtime recently turning out fractals.  Here we have Sierpinski (triangles) and Menger (square) sponges.

These objects are 4″ on a side, the Menger Sponge is 4th order and the Sierpinski Sponge is 6th order!!  Both are 0.2mm resolution printed using white Rigid.Ink PLA and a 0.4mm nozzle.

The Sierpinski Sponge was a modest 30-hour print and the Menger Sponge was a humungous 65 and a half hour print.

I am thinking about printing a 5th order Menger Sponge, again around 4″ on a side – but this will take around 90-hours in total.

May also print a larger Sierpinski Sponge at higher resolution (0.1mm).

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