Sierpinski sponge on the Anet A6 3D printer

I bought and recently assembled an Anet A6 3D printer.  Highly impressed by what you get for the money.  Been running calibration prints and test runs for a couple of days before doing my first serious 3D print.

I bought this printer with one aim only – to print out 3D mathematical objects.  I have printed out a couple of very small Menger sponges, and then I printed out this larger (3″ on a side) Sierpinski sponge.  Took around 9 hours to print this out at 0.1mm resolution.  It looks way better to the eye than it does to the camera.  I took the picture with it still attached to the Anet A6 bed as I might well destroy the thing in trying to get it off (it sticks rather well to the BuildTak).

Next print will either be a Klein bottle or a large (4″ on a side) Menger sponge.

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