The Anet A6 Does the Klein Bottle

After printing out the Sierpinski Triangle I thought I would go for a LOOOONG print.

So I went for a Klein Bottle (see Cliff Stoll’s You Tube presentations on the Klein Bottle – they are excellent) and a BIG one.  The Klein Bottle I printed out ended up 8″ tall and 4″ across the base.  This was printed at 0.2mm resolution and the print time was 18 hours!

Clearly it was a mistake not to use transparent filament for this object (or indeed for ANY 3D mathematical object) but that has been rectified by me ordering “natural” and trans-blue filament from Rigid.Ink.

In the meantime I thought it might be interesting to illuminate the Klein Bottle to see if it revealed the internal structure.  It didn’t – BUT – it did show up very nicely the printer’s print pattern in the wall of the bottle.  This is in fact the strengthening framework that lies between the inner and outer walls of the bottle (the walls are not solid).

The clear filament arrives on Monday – I will then need to give this one another shot.

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