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Taken at 8:25 p.m. on 26/07/2015 this image shows a double rainbow over the New Forest Observatories – and more.

This morning I pushed up the contrast and saturation of the image to take a better, closer look at the rainbows.  I was surprised to see a bunch of blue/violet mini-bows on the inner edge of the primary bow.  Knowing nothing about rainbows I looked this up.  Found out this is what is called a SUPERNUMERARY rainbow.  Live and learn :) :)

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I have just assembled this DNA model that comes from Cochrane’s of Oxford.  It is extremely well thought out and the instructions for assembly are quite excellent given the complexity of the thing being put together.  When I first saw this kit I thought that it was a little expensive for what was being offered – I now think it is very good value for money indeed!

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The Licence Agreement between Laserscribe Ltd. and Parker Technology was formally terminated on 01/07/2015.

If you wish to purchase custom built high speed electronic flash equipment contact Prof. Greg Parker at Parker Technology.

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And this arrived in the post this afternoon.

Five MASSIVE ichthyosaur vertebrae from the Jurassic coast :) :)

Happy Days :)


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The second molecule I had a go at building was Buckminsterfullerene or C60.

This took 4 attempts (yes I tore it apart and rebuilt it 4 times before I got it right).

Now completely bog-eyed with hexagons and pentagons :)


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I ordered a bunch of molecular kits as I want to try and build (a turn and a half of) a DNA molecule.

Needing to walk before I can run I made up a couple of practice molecules.

This first one is Dodecahedrane C20H20:

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My wife Helga creates the most amazing full length necklaces from precious or semi-precious stones and pearls.

A small selection of the high-quality necklaces she has made to-date can be seen here.

I have curled the necklaces up so I could zoom in on the stones with a macro lens.

The only necklace shown that is not for sale is the raw emerald necklace.

My particular favourite is the Nefertiti (Lapislazuli) – it is stunning.

E-mail me for details.


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Got today’s EPOD with a Solstice to Solstice Solargraph using a 4-inch diameter drainpipe and a piece of A4 size photopaper.

Thank you Jim at EPOD for continuing to publish my work – that was number 68 :)

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Bee macro’d in the garden this morning :)

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Took the macro rig out into the garden this morning :)

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