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Got today’s EPOD with “Primary, Secondary and Supernumerary Rainbows” :)

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This is a short post aimed at those people out there with no Academic qualifications beyond “O”-level woodwork, who honestly believe that they can make a contribution to General Relativity – or link it successfully with Quantum Mechanics – or even prove it wrong.  You needn’t read the bit below if you don’t want to go beyond this sentence, but basically, spend your time on something more worthwhile because basically you cannot make any contribution whatsoever to this topic, and you are little more than an annoyance to those that work professionally in this area.

A lot of the misunderstanding that Joe Public has with the incredible work that Einstein turned out is due to Einstein’s occupation at the time.  Working in a Patent Office means to your average Joe that any Tom, Dick or Harry could have come up with the Relativity theories.  It is possibly worthwhile reading the many excellent Biographies out there on Einstein to see what he was doing in a Patent Office in the first place.

Without degree level mathematics (at least) you will not be able to understand the language of General Relativity, let alone make any contribution towards it.  Drawing pretty little pictures describing your concept of a new theory of gravity is not only pathetic – it is also totally unacceptable.  If you cannot describe your theory in terms of mathematics then it has no place whatsoever in science.  If you believe that you can provide a new theory of gravity by drawing a few pretty pictures when post-Doctoral mathematicians who have spent their whole lives working in this area have failed – then you are at the very least disillusioned.  You are also insulting the guys who have committed their entire professional careers to this fascinating area of science.

So please, if you are one of those people I have just been talking about – spend your time more usefully, perhaps by trying to make this a better world to live in, and don’t kid yourself that you are going to be the next Einstein – ‘cos, really, you aren’t.



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Today’s “Drift” was the best I’ve seen in over 20 years – great stuff :)


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Further to my earlier post below, I have upgraded the spec as I will be using a different capacitor for these custom units.

The spec now reads:

  1.  Light output power 100 Joules.
  2. Light pulse duration 25-microseconds (1/40,000th of a second).
  3. Recharge time less than 5-seconds.

The units are powered by a 12 Volt battery pack which is supplied with a charger and the flash unit.  Estimated cost of flash unit, battery pack and charger is £2,000 plus VAT at 20% plus p&p.

Let me know if you have any interest in this type of equipment.

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The Scientific Artist also hosts a comprehensive Image Agency covering many aspects of experimental photography.

If your project requires a stunning image, then check out the Image Agency here.

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Oliver Sacks took a drug cocktail trying to see the colour Indigo.  Using Photoshop and RGB values provided for Indigo I came up with the image below.  Wish he had told me he wanted to see what Indigo looked like before he passed away – I might have been able to help.

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Today’s EPOD is the 3-D microscopy version of the Cabbage White Butterfly Eggs photographed by yours truly and turned into a stunning 3-D image by Dr. Brian May.

Brian made a suggestion as to how you could get an apparent baseline under a microscope to be able to make a stereograph – and as you can see the technique worked!!

I am now able to make 3-D images of anything I photograph through the microscope.  In addition of course, each of the 2 images is also a stacked focus-stacked image using Helicon Focus in order to get the depth of field.

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Check out tomorrow’s EPOD :)

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In order to keep my hand in the HSF world, I will be making a batch of high-speed flash units that will be available early 2016.

Talking to a number of professional users I have decided that the specification for the new batch of units will be:

  1.  Light output power 75 Joules.
  2. Light pulse duration 25-microseconds (1/40,000th of a second).
  • Recharge time less than 5 seconds.

The units will be powered by a 12V dry battery pack (supplied with charger unit).  Estimated cost of a flash unit, battery pack and charger is £2,000 plus VAT at 20%, plus p&p.

Let me know if you have an interest in this equipment.

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Once again the missus’ superior eyesight found something interesting in the garden to macro.

This is apparently a Candy Striped spider, fairly common throughout England – but we’ve never seen one before.

Looks like a damn Aussie red back to me :)

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