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Managed to get today’s Earth Science Picture of the Day (EPOD) with an image of Aldebaran and the Hyades.

This is my 67th EPOD, and the image was taken using a Canon 200mm prime lens at f#4 and a Starlight Xpress M26C Trius OSC CCD.

I had to overdo the artificial 4-pointed star spikes on the brighter stars to hide the native 8-pointed spikes that come from the lens aperture.  I really don’t like 8-pointed spikes on the bright stars, it just looks wrong to me.

Thank you Jim at EPOD for continuing to publish work from the New Forest Observatory :)


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Last night I managed to get the second frame of a Canon 200mm/M26C Trius 2-frame mosaic.

I covered the major galaxy region between Denebola and Vindemiatrix – home to the Virgo/Coma galaxy cluster.

In this image there are 13 Messier objects – all of them are galaxies.

Given any more clear skies I will try to get some more data on both frames just to reduce the noise a little more.

On the left hand frame just about every sub had multiple satellite trails – thank goodness for dither and SDMask stacking.

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You can now purchase your own custom New Forest Observatory desktop/screensaver image for your computer.

Just choose the image you want as a desktop/screensaver from this huge selection, and send me the size of your desktop in pixels.  You will receive a JPEG image to your size requirements by return.  And the price for this custom service?  Just £5!!  Visit the New Forest Observatory for full details.

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Today’s Earth Science Picture of the Day (EPOD) is my Carbon Stars of Kemble’s Cascade image – it is also my 66th EPOD :)

Thank you Jim for continuing to publish my work – must say that one came out particularly sparkly :) :)

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I only need 300 more hits to take me up to the half million mark :)

Take a browse through my Flickr  images today and let’s see if we can get there:


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Never forget Dr. David Kelly!

I certainly won’t.

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Last night I was very disturbed by a one and a half hour documentary on BBC4 about a young man I had never heard of before – Aaron Swartz.

For those of you in the American Government Departments responsible for this young man’s death – and you know exactly who you are – you are the most despicable pieces of filth I’ve ever come across in my lifetime.

If there is a Higher Being out there dishing out Justice – you’ll be getting yours soon!!

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Today’s EPOD encore is my image of the frost covered spider webs.

Good to see that one again Jim :)


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The 2015 prices for all photography courses remain the same as for 2014 :)

Whether it is DSLR photography (macro, micro, high-speed, Nature or specialist) or deep-sky imaging – the Scientific Artist has a custom made course for you.

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The February 2015 issue of Astronomy Now has a 4-page article on the mini-WASP parallel imaging refractor array at the New Forest Observatory :)


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