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I’m Back!!!!!

It’s been a long time since I posted on here – sorry for the absence.

After a very long break I have just resurrected the photomicroscopy rig. Here is one I’ve done before just so I can get back into it again, gently.

As this has been restarted again as a Winter project I hope to post a lot of new microscope images for you to enjoy over the next few months.

Some more macro work in the garden

With all the hot weather we’ve been experiencing in the U.K. lately, I have had to go out most nights with the hose to stop the Missus’ plants from perishing.  I noticed Superhydrophobicity at work on the Bulrush leaves so I went out today to macro the effect.  Wasn’t expecting my little mate to be there as well.  I am always amazed at the length of the antennae on these little beauties.