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First Post on Scientific Artist :)

Big day for me today – this is my first post on my new web site – the Scientific Artist.

My name is Greg Parker and I took early retirement from the University of Southampton in September 2010, where I was Professor of Photonics, that is anything and everything to do with photons.

I continue working with photons while I develop new imaging systems which will bring the wonders of the Natural World to your computer screen.  The main technology I work with is photography, using different cameras for the different subjects, including DSLRs, custom-built cooled CCDs for astronomy, and video cameras.  These imagers are in turn coupled to specialist optical systems, such as research microscopes, refracting and reflecting telescopes, and high-power macro-lenses to bring you images that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Scientific Artist will show you the wonders of our Universe as if seen “Through God-Like Eyes”.

This site will develop rapidly over the next few months – please visit regularly to see how it progresses.

Web site created by Dave Parker of Invisage Design – nice job Dave 🙂

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