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Water drop collision with sparkle

I used Noel Carboni’s “Star Filter Pro” software to add some sparkle to the bright points on the splash perimeter, seems to come out nicely.

I will keep the water drop rig assembled in my study for the next few weeks to build up a decent portfolio of splash work and then I’ll move back onto HSF of various things shot by an air rifle 🙂

Hmm – that image didn’t downsize too well – see a bigger version here:

Water drop collisions day 2

Had a fair bit of grief with the system today, rather felt like I was working on the mini-WASP array, but at least this time I sorted the problems out.  Here is a water drop collision in a wine glass taken using a Mumford Time Machine and 3 Ultra high-speed flash units.

Again – the thumbnail hasn’t downsized too well – check out the higher res version here:


Water drop collision using high-speed flash gear

I have absolutely no idea why I left the Mumford Time Machine languishing under the desk in my study for nearly two years.  Maybe it’s the euphoria of early retirement?  Whatever – I brought out the Time Machine and connected it up to the three Ultra High-Speed Flash units and started playing once again with water drop collisions.  I will keep this setup together for a few weeks now while I build up a small portfolio of water drop collisions and slowly learn the best way to illuminate the splash action 🙂