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This one was a bit of a pain!

Here is a rather large 6th order Sierpinski sponge printed on the Anet A6 3D printer using Rigid.Ink white PLA.

All was going well 120-hours into the print – when I got a nozzle clog.  This meant the top portion of the pyramid didn’t get printed.

Luckily there are some pretty clever people on the 3D printer forums and one guy suggested I use Ideamaker to just select the missing bit of print and then print out the missing top section separately.  First attempt at doing this I didn’t choose a big enough section to reprint and it only just slightly didn’t fit.  Wanting a perfect fit I had a second go, this was in itself a 9-hour print just for the missing top bit – and fortunately this time all was o.k.

So here is the longest print to-date on the little Anet A6 – 129-hours on a Sierpinski sponge.