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Are you a journalist, a magazine editor, a book publisher or affiliated to the press?  Do you want to show the latest astronomical phenomena in high-resolution and in full-colour to your readership?  Would you like to use stunning deep-sky images, high-resolution pictures of the New Forest, tightly focused photomicroscopy images, or custom high-speed flash images in your advertising literature?

If so, then the Scientific Artist is pleased to be able to offer datafiles of our deep-sky and DSLR  images for use in your articles or advertising literature.

Contact me today at  to discuss how you can incorporate my images into your publications.

I also accept commissions for images of the New Forest and for technical specialist photography including high-speed photographic flash images (flash duration 9 microseconds!), photomicrography (images taken through a research microscope), macrophotography and macromosaics (mosaics of objects taken in macro mode), and panoramic mosaics taken using a panoramic head (including “Little Planet” panoramas).

Pricing and Ordering:

Pricing is variable depending on both the use of the image and the type of image you wish to purchase.  For example a high resolution full page image will be more expensive than a postcard size image which in turn will be more expensive than a thumbnail.  In addition, all deep-sky images will be more expensive than high-speed flash, macro or micro images as they take very much longer to both acquire and process.  For ball-park guidance to costs, a postcard size 300DPI macro or micro image may range between £25 and £100 depending on the complexity involved in creating the image (for example, is it a stitched mosaic?).  The price of an A4 size deep-sky image at 300 DPI could vary anywhere from £50 to £500 depending on the image (some of the deep-sky images have well over 60-hours of total exposure time and at least the same amount of image processing time) and what the image is to be used for – for example, use as the primary (attention-grabbing) image on a book cover attracts a higher pricing than an image contained within a book.  The deep-sky images that take the least time to both acquire and process are the “single star” images. so these are also the least expensive deep-sky images to purchase.  Please note that all images are provided on a non-exclusive basis, and that the Copyright remains solely with Prof. Greg Parker.

If you would like to order a deep-sky or DSLR image please contact me at with the following information:

1)  What image do you wish to acquire?

2)  What size and what resolution do you need the image to be supplied as?

3)  For what purpose do you wish to use the image?

4)  Do you have a preferred format (TIF, JPEG, GIF) for the image to be supplied in?

I will then get back to you within 12-hours with a purchase price

** Please note that the above pricing information is for the purchase of images as datafiles and not as prints **


Purchasing prints for private collections:

Individuals (or organisations) may also purchase prints of all the images seen on both the Scientific Artist and New Forest Observatory web sites.  All prints are created using a 6-colour Hewlett-Packard Designjet 130 which can print up to A1 size on high-quality photo-paper.  Each print of A3 size or larger is signed and numbered, A4 prints are not signed or numbered.  Check the pricing of any deep-sky image on the New Forest Observatory web site.  For DSLR images please contact me at with the following information:

1)  What print do you wish to purchase?

2)  What size of print do you require?

I will then get back to you within 12-hours with a purchase price.

Scientific Artist prints are displayed on household and company walls all the way from Seattle to Sri Lanka 🙂

**Please note that this information is for the purchase of prints only, not datafiles **



The following Copyright conditions apply to all images produced by Prof. Greg Parker at the Scientific Artist.

1)  All photographs including background images and thumbnails, text and digital/optical techniques described on this web site are Copyright Prof. Greg Parker [Greg Parker], unless otherwise credited.  All rights reserved.

2)  Images may not be reproduced, published, copied or transmitted in any form, including electronically on the Internet (WWW) without written permission from Prof. Greg Parker.

3)  Contact me at if you would like to purchase any images for use in your promotional/advertising literature and please check out the Image Library notice above which also gives an indication of pricing.  No images are available ”free of charge”.

4)  It is not permissible under any circumstances to use any images or information on this web site for commercial purposes without written permission from me which will require a written agreed arrangement for just compensation from you.

5)  If permission for use of an image or information is granted place the label Copyright Prof. Greg Parker on or near the image itself in a font size that can be clearly seen.  The image or information may not be distributed to any third party.

6)  Neither images nor information from this site may be modified under any circumstances.

7)  It is not permitted to “mirror” any content of this web site on another server without my written permission.

8)  I retain the Copyright for my images under all circumstances.  Agreed use of my images does not imply any change of Copyright ownership.

9)  These intellectual property rights are protected by the Copyright Laws of the United Kingdom and the new International Copyright Treaty.  All images on this site are digitally watermarked to allow tracking of the images and to ensure compliance with the United Kingdom and new International Copyright Treaty.

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